Technical data:

Made in Germany

Quality and reliability: 
Developed and produced according to military specs.
Each CPA system has been burnt-in and operated and tested under real conditions for at least 1,000 hours before delivery.

CPA system versions:

MIL version, 10 years warranty included.
STD version, 2 years warranty included.

CPA ai electronic unit: 

CPA ai electronic unit dimensions= 500x400x210 mm.
CPA ai electronic unit weight = 13,5 kg.
Europe version: 230 VAC / 50 Hz / dualband-GSM
USA version: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / quadband-GSM
Power consumption = about 20 watts. 

CPA sensor unit:

CPA sensor system dimensions = 190 x 100 mm. 
CPA sensor system weight = 1.0 kg.
CPA sensor cable length = max. 25 meters/75 ft.
Caution: CPA sensor cable carries high voltage.


integrated GSM module for alarming SMS to five different mobile phone numbers (programmable).

UPS - uniterruptible power supply:

CPA system ups uninterruptible power supply (optional)
maintaining the device functions in case of mains supply failure.

Installation and scope of delivery:

Additionally included:
- high-quality (metal) CPA protection- and transport box: 800x600x600 mm.

- complete installation material.
- complete installation instructions.
- complete software.
- user informations for the owner.

The CPA system can be easily installed by a technican within one day.